Exercise 1 p 36
W: Yes sir? What would you like to order?
C: I’d like a fillet steak, with vegetables and French fries, please.
W: How would you like you steak, rare, medium or well-done?
C: Well-done, please.
W: Thank you, and would you like a starter?
C: Yes, get me a mushroom soup, please.
Exercise 2 p 36
(لا أعرف مكونات هذا الشراب)
Waiter: What would you like for the drink?
Customer: Ah! It’s made of …,… and ….It’s sweet… I forgot its name!
Waiter: Ah! You mean sherbet, don’t you?
Customer: That’s right, sherbet, can you give me, please?
Exercise 3 p 36
a- It’s very cheap, isn’t it?
b- The meal was delicious, wasn’t it?
c- It isn’t really ripe, is it?
Exercise 4 p 36
a- Hassina, you have a chocolate bar, haven’t you?
b- Ali, you can buy some stamps to me, can’t you?
c- Karim, you have seen my mobile, haven’t you?
Exercise 5 p 36
3) a- falling
b- falling
c- falling
4) a- rising
b- rising
c- rising
Exercise 1 p 37
lamb – tart – raspberry – sandwich – fork – knife – water
Exercise 2 p 37
Kitchen : short /i/
Lettuce : short /i/
Peas : long /i:/
Beef : long /i:/

activity 4

you want to make an omlette don't you
this is very easy all you need is eggs chees oil herbs and salt.first you mix the eggs ,chees,hers and salt in a dish. after that you put the oil in the pan and put it over the fire. next you pour the mixture of the egges and wait four few minuts . and finelly put the omlette in a dish and enjoy it